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Sign & XL printing


In addition to interior projects M&C is specialised in sign, plexi and XL printing. To this purpose we own the most advanced printers and machines.


Our production is tailor-made in consultation with our interior architects. Below you can find a limited list with many applications:

- lettering

- sign displays in public and semi-public buildings

- evacuations plans and icons

- illuminated advertising

- foils and stickers

- real estate signage

- milling forms


Thanks to our UV flat bed printer we can print very detailed images or even small texts on all kinds of material with a maximum dimension of 2500 x 3050 mm or a maximum width of 2,2m. The printing of white or varnish is also possible.

The possibilties via combining sign, plexi operations and XL printing are endless. Definitely have a look at our photo gallery where you get a feeling of the many realizations which M&C has done in the past in diverse sectors.